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企业精神:  敢为人先,拚搏进取,执着努力,务实求新,科学和谐。  
Spirit of Enterprise:  Daring to be the first, fighting our way upward, working hard, innovating pragmatically and science harmonious.    

企业宗旨:  与时俱进,引导潮流,开创未来,服务人类。   
Enterprise purpose:  Advancing with times, guiding the trend, starting the future and serving human.    

企业目标:  行业楷模,世界品牌。  
Business goals:  Being the model in our industry and being famous in the world brand.    

企业价值观:  品牌 + 员工 + 社会奉献 = 企业价值。  
Enterprise value:   Brand + Staff + Dedication = the Value of Enterprise.    

企业理念:  观念引导思路,思路促进创新,品质铸就品牌,效率提高速度,科学创造完美。   
Corporate philosophy:  Concept guides the ideas, ideas promote innovation, quality casts brand, efficiency improve speed, science creates perfect.    

经营战略:  品牌导向,市场先驱,资源整合,协调整体,分步实施,纵向推进。  
Business strategy:  Brand oriented, market pioneer, integration of resources, overall coordination, implementing step by step, advancing lengthways.